The Critter Guys of Pompano Beach

At The Critter Guys of Pompano Beach, FL we provide permanent solutions to critter problems. We always use a safe and humane animal removal approach. Despite being high quality, our services are affordable. The critter removal experts at The Critter Guys of Pompano Beach are highly trained and probably the best in the industry. You can count on us to resolve any critter problem, including rodent removal, using effective, humane removal techniques that are safe for humans and pets.

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The Critters We Handle in Pompano Beach

The common critters that we handle in Pompano Beach include:

It is crucial to note that there is more to critter removal than just removing animals from your home or business. We undertake additional steps in addition to removing the animals from your premises:

  • We animal-proof your home
  • We get rid of odors that could attract additional animals
  • We restore your attic and other damaged areas
  • Our experts will remove any dead animal carcasses

Critters Can Devastate Your Premises

Members of the rodent family, including squirrels, mice, and rats, can devastate your home. They multiply fast and will chew on anything. Rodents are sometimes responsible for water leaks, house fires, and a variety of diseases and parasites. It doesn’t take long for a rodent problem to turn into an infestation.

The Critter Guys of Pompano Beach have years of experience in addressing critter problems, including dealing with rats. Our critter removal methods focus on the total elimination of critters from your property and permanent correction to prevent the critters from coming back.

The timing, method, and order of events are particularly important during critter removal. Any bad approach or wrong step could easily cause the critters to shift and contaminate other areas of your property, leading to more expenses. Much of our work involves circumstances where another company or the property owner had tried to remove the critters but got it all wrong, making the process worse. If you want a permanent solution to the critter problem, you want to work with a professional with a proven track record of success.

Critter Proofing in Pompano Beachraccoon removal

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to take the proper steps when capturing and getting rid of critters from your home. At the bare minimum, we focus on finding the entry points and sealing them to ensure that animals will not have access. All our technicians are fully trained in proper techniques, making it easy to find, fix, and entirely seal all the entry areas. We conduct a comprehensive scan of your home to identify areas that could lead to wildlife problems in the future.

Eliminate The Scents

Animals use their noses the way adults use their eyes. They leave feces, urine, and other secretions everywhere to communicate dominance or readiness to breed. These scents remain in your home long after the animal is gone. If not addressed, these scents could draw animals back to your premises. Our experts will perform a thorough cleaning of the contaminated areas to prevent the animals from coming back.

Professional Pompano Beach Critter Control Services

For reliable critter control services, we invite you to contact the experts at The Critter Guys of Pompano Beach, FL. Call us today for a free estimate.

The Critter Guys serves Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, and the surrounding Palm Beach and Broward County.