Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are key players in the wild. They help spread essential nutrients and natural organisms while also regulating local insect populations. However, with less natural places to find shelter in the summer and hibernate in the winter, raccoons are forced to settle in areas where they aren’t as much of a benefit. They sometimes find security by entering through holes, gaps, or other unnoticed openings in nearby businesses and residences, bringing a host of hazards with them. If you suspect raccoons in the attic, kitchen, or other area of your building, here’s everything you need to know about dealing with these complex critters and The Critter Guys approach to professionally removing them.

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The Damage Caused by Raccoons

Quick and cunning, raccoons don’t take long to cause a lot of damage. Thanks to their sharp teeth, strong claws, and endless amounts of energy, raccoons can tear through tough surfaces and leave behind a massive mess. Once raccoons enter your home or business, they can put your property to the test by:

  • chewing through wires and causing electrical shortages or fires
  • damaging drywall and ductwork
  • staining walls and floors with urine that leaves foul odors
  • scratching and tearing through attic insulation, screening, and window frames
  • disrupting the efficiency and performance of your HVAC unit
  • leaving droppings that can spread bacteria
  • gnawing through stored goods and destroying valuables

Raccoons can cause trouble that requires extensive restoration. Fortunately, our comprehensive catalog includes humane raccoon removal, prevention, and other services that you can combine to minimize the risks and need for repair. And, our wildlife management approach includes a complimentary inspection and quote to keep you informed of all costs from start to finish.

Difficulties and Dangers of Raccoon Trapping

While raccoons can cost a lot in property repairs, there are many other ways you can end up paying the price of an infestation. Raccoons aren’t likely to attack humans when unprovoked; however, raccoon removaltheir behavior becomes far less predictable in stressful situations. When they feel cornered, pressured, or threatened, raccoons may attempt to defend themselves by scratching or biting. Because these animals are wild and sometimes rabid or feral, raccoons can easily transmit a number of diseases or infections to adults, children, and pets, including:

  • Leptospirosis – You should never try to remove raccoon waste on your own, because both the urine and fecal matter of raccoons can carry this bacterial disease that can lead to jaundice.
  • Baylisascaris procyonis – Another reason to avoid DIY disposal of raccoon waste, Baylisascaris procyonis can cause neurological damage if transmitted through contact with raccoon feces.
  • Rabies – Infested raccoons can carry this widely known virus in their saliva and spread it to others via bite, scratch, or similar encounter, causing a range of potentially fatal symptoms.
  • Giardiasis – Contracting through contact with raccoon feces or substances contaminated by the feces, this infection promotes intense symptoms in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Salmonella – By attempting to solve your own raccoon problem, you risk the spread of bacterial diseases, like salmonella, that can populate in raccoon droppings and cause severe symptoms.
  • Coli – Similar to salmonella, raccoon feces can carry E. Coli, a bacterial disease known to cause fever and other serious symptoms.

Considering the potential damage they can cause to your business, home, and health, it’s safe to assume that raccoon removal is a significant service. However, raccoons are large, fast, and agile, which makes them harder to safely capture than some other wild animals. If you want to expel them from your property and prevent them from reentering, consult our team of experts for a professional approach. Each member of The Critter Guys team studies raccoon behavior through on-the-job experience and behind-the-scenes studies, which allows us to efficiently tackle all wildlife troubles.

Professional Raccoon Removal and Prevention

Raccoon removal, of course, can’t be a long-term solution without raccoon prevention. However, keeping raccoons out isn’t as simple as keeping your doors shut. To prevent raccoons from reentering your home or business, the team at The Critter Guys will inspect and seal entry points that are sizeable to raccoons and other rodents. Combining high-grade materials and years of high-quality experience, The Critter Guys crew can eliminate any source of entry while analyzing each part of your property for double the damage control.

Raccoons in the attic, garage, or other areas can spread damage throughout your residential or commercial property. Fortunately, quick removal doesn’t have to come with consequences. The team at The Critter Guys can humanely approach, handle, and remove raccoons from your office, apartment, or residence while taking extra steps to safeguard your space. And, our experienced staff will clean up and sanitize the mess left behind to ensure no trace of urine, feces, or other harmful waste. To claim your free inspection and receive a complimentary quote, call 561.805.1661 today or fill out the form below.

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