Bee Removal

There’s no denying the fact that bees fill some pretty big shoes in the environment. They pollinate plants that help the growth of fruits, vegetables, and forests all around the world. However, when bees start to swarm or decide to colonize in local homes, they can cause expensive damage and create severe health hazards. If you believe that your property has a bee problem, contact The Critter Guys for a safe bee removal and prevention strategy.

Identifying the Type of Bee Infestation

Some of the most obvious signs of a bee invasion are loud buzzing sounds combined with multiple bees flying throughout your property. If you’re suspicious after seeing more bees than usual, take a look at some of the most common types that could be swarming your home.

  • Carpenter bees are very large bees with yellow and black fuzz all around their bodies. These bees build massive colonies inside trees, on structures made of wood, in between soffits, or underneath the cracks of house foundations.
  • Honeybees have a rich brown color with black stripes along their middle section. Honeybee nests can be very large and are typically found in wooden structures, like hollowed trees, or between the walls of wooden homes.
  • Bumblebees are slightly smaller than carpenter bees with similar yellow and white hairs all over their bodies. However, they tend to have even more hair around their midsection and a rounder body shape. Bumblebees typically live in small colonies in hollow trees or other wooden structures, like porches, decks, and siding.

The actual swarm or colony can be very hard to track down, which can make it difficult to identify the specifics of your situation. If you’re dealing with a bee problem big or small, don’t try to get close enough to tell the difference. Instead, call The Critter Guys to come and evaluate the type and severity of your bee situation. We can easily spot the bee type and come up with a system that keeps homes and colonies safe.

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Dangers and Development of Bee Colonies

The beginning of a bee problem usually starts in the form of a swarm, where a collection of wandering bees search for the next place to settle down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for a small swarm to turn into a full-fledged hive. Once bees establish a colony on your property, they can cause severe damage while they build layers of thick, waxy comb or drill down into the wooden structures of your home. Therefore, if you start to see more bees than usual, contact The Critter Guys for an immediate investigation. We can quickly discover the site of the swarm before it turns into a colony. Or, we can get started on a fast and long-term fix for bees that have settled in your structure.

By trying to unprofessionally handle a bee problem on your own, you could end up scaring even the most modest bees into an aggressive state. Of course, there are some bees, like the honeybee, that can only sting once in their lifetime. However, female bumblebees can sting multiple times if they feel threatened by a human handler. Depending on whether your home has children, adults, or visitors with bee allergies, a small bee problem can cause serious health hazards.

Bees Settling Inside Your Home  

Bees can swarm or colonize anywhere outside of your residence, like on the porch, underneath the roof lining, and right on the side of your home. Although a bee problem on the outside of your property can be a pain, the problem becomes even more problematic when bees bring the colony inside. Bees can take any opportunity to slip inside your home for a safe place to set up their hive, including:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Gaps in between the siding
  • Holes between roof soffits
  • Openings under the roof edge

To keep bees and other pests from poking their heads in your residence, count on The Critter Guys to professionally seal and secure your property from the inside and outside. This will prevent bees from ever entering your dwelling, which can save your home from mold, rot, and wood damage.

Professional Bee Removal and Preventionbee removal

Whether you’ve got a swarm inside your walls or deep underneath your porch, The Critter Guys can solve the most serious bee problems. Our trained team of wildlife experts will first identify the kind of bee to select the right tools and modify the plan of procedure. Then, we’ll consider your budget and perimeter to create a personalized service for safe removal and long-term prevention. Understanding the source of your infestation and potential entry points around your home, we can also repair any holes, gaps, or other openings to stop future pests from finding their way inside. To learn more about what we can do to better your bee problem, call 561.805.1661 today.

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