Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are known for obsessing over acorns, but their diet actually plays an important part in forest growth. By collecting and burying acorns and seeds, squirrels help to spread nutrients and grow even more trees in their local environment. Unfortunately, the role they play inside your home is far less helpful. A squirrel infestation can cause severe damage and even spread disease, which makes professional squirrel removal a serious priority. If you see, hear, or smell signs of squirrels anywhere inside your residential property, call The Critter Guys team for the right wildlife solution.

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Hazards That Squirrels Bring to Your Home

Squirrels might seem like harmless animals that aimlessly climb trees and scurry around town, but these animals pose a serious threat to humans. If you see squirrels inside your home, don’t try to trap or touch them. When under stress, squirrels can scratch, bite, or flee into other areas and create an even bigger pest problem. Having squirrels anywhere in your residence increases the risk of food and water contamination, the spread of ticks and fleas, and a range of other health issues, such as:

  • Ringworm
  • Tularemia
  • Typhus
  • Lyme disease
  • Encephalitis
  • Salmonella

Squirrels aren’t aggressive or intentionally dangerous, but they still aren’t safe. Solving a squirrel problem is a job best fit for the professional wildlife experts at The Critter Guys. Our trained technicians have extended experience with squirrels, which helps us to understand their behavior, lifestyle, and environment.

Signs That You Have a Squirrel Infestation

You don’t have to visibly spot squirrels inside to know that you have an infestation. Here are some common signs that squirrels have started to take over your property.

  • Rustling noises starting in the early morning and sometimes leading into the end of the day
  • Squirrel nests made of sticks, twigs, and shredded paper anywhere in your home
  • Ammonialike odor from squirrel urine or other foul odors
  • Dark to light brown droppings that are ovular in shape
  • Frayed wires, chewed entry points, and gnawed areas of insulation

Insulation damage, elevated electrical costs, and stains from squirrel waste are just a few of the unwanted side effects of a squirrel invasion. Therefore, the longer you wait to reach out for professional pest control, the more serious your critter problem becomes. As soon as you suspect a squirrel situation on your property, contact The Critter Guys for a quick and completely safe solution.squirrel removal

Habits That Attract Squirrels to Your Property  

It’s pretty common to see squirrels around the outside of your property, which can make homeowners wonder, “What exactly made these animals decide to come inside?” Here are some common household habits that might be giving squirrels the wrong idea:

  • Piling wood for burning outside of your residential property
  • Keeping outdoor trash cans near your garage or main entrance and forgetting to close the lid
  • Installing bird feeders and letting spare nuts and seeds decorate your lawn
  • Leaving pet food, water, and waste in front of your home
  • Failing to sweep crumbs, wash dishes, and properly seal food items in your kitchen

Even if you manage to completely change your cleaning routine, you won’t completely solve your squirrel problem. To keep squirrels from squeezing through holes and gaps throughout your home, call The Critter Guys for complete entry point repair.

Places That Squirrels Use for Easy Entry

Squirrels can scale your residence until they find the right point of entry, climb overhanging trees to walk straight onto the roof, or take a tiny hole and chew enough space to squeeze through. Here are just a handful of common places around your property that squirrels can use for entry.

  • Plastic roof vents with holes they can easily chew
  • Chimneys with weak capping material or no cap at all
  • Pipes or wall vents with gaps around the openings
  • Any holes or gaps along the edge of your roof or between the soffits

To stop squirrels from entering your home, partner with The Critter Guys. We can professionally seal and repair points of entry anywhere on your property to help keep wildlife in the wild. We’ll inspect the inner and outer perimeter of your property and use special sealants and heavy-duty materials to turn entryways into barriers.

Removing and Preventing a Squirrel Infestation

Squirrel removal is a serious service. To keep these critters out of your residence and create the ultimate barriers to prevent them from returning, contact The Critter Guys. Our expert team of wildlife technicians will take extra steps to understand the exact cause of your issue and create a personalized plan of prevention. Using humane, safe, and secure strategies, we can exclude squirrels and repair the points of entry that let them inside. To learn more about our squirrel services and find out how we can resolve your critter situation, call The Critter Guys at 561.805.1661.

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