The Critter Guys of Fort Lauderdale

When critters invade your home, they can rob you of your peace of mind in many ways. For example, critters aren’t polite enough to go outside when nature calls. Therefore, in addition to turning your crawlspaces, basement, or attic into their homes, they will also use these spaces as their toilets. Critters can leave behind huge amounts of biohazardous waste like feces, urine, hair/fur, oils, parasites, and other wastes. This will not only pose a health risk to you and your family but could also attract other critters into your home. The odors seeping from your home could be a way of telling other animals that they, too, can live in your home.

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The longer the wildlife stays in your home, the more waste and attractants they leave behind. Even a short stay could result in significant waste remnants and odors. Therefore, you should contact the experts, The Critter Guys of Fort Lauderdale, immediately after you learn that you have unwanted critters in your home.

Critters Likely to Invade Your Home in Fort Lauderdale

The critters that are likely to invade your premises in Fort Lauderdale include the following:

The Critter Guys of Fort Lauderdale will remove the critters and use the appropriate exclusion techniques to ensure they do not come back. We also provide comprehensive critter waste clean-up and disposal services, including:

  • Removing feces and damaged insulation
  • Insulation replacement
  • A deodorizing treatment to remove all odors

We Remove Dead Critters

When dealing with dead critter carcasses, the odor is obviously a main concern for most people. However, other than the odor, prolonged exposure to dead animals, especially in a confined space, could have severe health concerns. How long it may take before you notice that you have a dead animal in your house will depend on factors like the location of the carcass, the animal species, the extent of decomposition, the humidity, and the temperature of your premises.

The Critter Guys of Fort Lauderdale have dealt with just about any dead animal scenario, from dead rodents beneath the carpeting to raccoons trapped between walls. Some of the common dead animal scenarios:

  • Dead critters in the wall
  • Dead critters in the attic
  • Dead critters in the chimney
  • Dead critters under the house
  • Dead critters in ducts
  • Dead critters in crawlspaces

Upon removal, dead critters are often covered by parasites that carry and transmit diseases. Therefore, you should not attempt to remove dead critters without the help of an expert or without using professional dead animal removal equipment.

If your house has a strange smell that doesn’t feel right, you could have a decomposing animal therein. Do not wait longer. Contact our critter removal experts today.

Ford Lauderdale Critter Removal Experts

Have critters invaded your home or business? Our experienced experts at The Critter Guys of Fort Lauderdale are just a phone call away. We handle all types of critters, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. Contact us today to enjoy a free estimate.

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