Opossum Removal

Opossums might have a reputation for digging through trash and other unwanted items, but their diet is actually much more diverse than most people think. Often feasting on ticks and cockroaches, opossums help provide all-natural pest control by regulating local insect populations. However, these marsupials can cause massive damage to nearby homes and eventually turn into pests themselves. Keeping opossums in their natural habitat is a tough but important job, which is why The Critter Guys create personalized plans on a property-by-property basis. If you think that opossums have opened up entrances to your residence, count on The Critter Guys to create a long-term solution.

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Why Opossums Might Choose Your Property

You don’t have to invite opossums inside for them to feel welcome. Because there are fewer natural places for opossums to seek safe shelter, they often end up inside residential properties that can provide a safe space. By having any of the following items inside or around your home, you could unintentionally be attracting even more opossum attention.

  • Bowls of pet food and water
  • Crumbs and uncovered indoor food waste
  • Outdoor trash cans with no lid
  • Gardens with fallen fruits and vegetables
  • Compost binds close to the ground

Cleaning up your indoor and outdoor environment might help to prevent extra opossums from popping up, but it won’t solve the underlying infestation. For a full-service solution of opossum removal and entry point repair, count on The Critter Guys. Our experienced staff of wildlife experts can identify entrances and seal up any gaps or cracks that opossums could use again.

Common Signs of an Opossum Problem

Opossums don’t like conflict, which is why these sneaky critters often try their best to stay out of sight. Typically taking shelter underneath or in the attics of nearby properties, these nocturnal animals are only active at night. However, they can leave behind a trail of evidence that you can track any time of day. If you notice any of the following sights, sounds, or smells coming from inside your home, you could be dealing with an opossum invasion.

  • Rustling, shuffling, or scurrying sounds at night
  • Droppings similar to the size of a cat or small dog
  • Torn shingles or damaged roof soffits
  • Hissing or shrieking sounds coming from inside your residence

Without prompt, professional assistance, opossums can cause serious, expensive damage. Destroying insulation, damaging HVAC units, and chewing through cables are just a few of the ways that opossums can cause problems. If an opossum issue seems to be a likely possibility, call The Critter Guys for a fast and forward-thinking fix.

Health Concerns of an Opossum Infestation

Although opossums help prevent the spread of Lyme disease by eating ticks, they can cause quite a bit of health concerns on their own. If you attempt to handle, capture, or contact an opossum, you risk scaring the animal and forcing it into a defensive state. Of course, opossums are known to play dead and avoid conflict at all costs, but they may still scratch, bite, and display aggressive behavior if they feel threatened. Therefore, trying to clean up or clear out an opossum problem can put you at risk for a number of health hazards, including:

  • Leptospirosis ­– This is a bacterial infection that can target the lungs, liver, or kidneys. Opossum urine and feces can carry leptospirosis-causing bacteria, which can lead to food and water contamination.
  • Chagas’ disease – Opossums are one of the main wild animals to carry Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas’ disease. Chagas’ disease is an infectious disease that can affect the GI tract and the cardiovascular system.
  • Tuberculosis – This bacterial infection is the cause of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which researchers have found in countless opossums across the world. Tuberculosis causes symptoms ranging from cough to severe muscle loss.
  • Tularemia – Opossum bite can spread Francisella tularensis, the bacteria responsible for causing Tularemia. Tularemia is an infectious disease that can attack various organs, including the skin and lungs.

To protect everyone in your home from the health risks of an opossum infestation, partner with The Critter Guys for a significant solution. Thanks to years of professional opossum experience, our trained team can safely secure your home to protect local wildlife and residents.opossum removal

Removing Opossums and Preventing Reentry

An opossum infestation can feel impossible to deal with. Luckily, The Critter Guys team can effectively understand the cause of your opossum problem and humanely remove the marsupials. Because our crew isn’t just concerned with short-term solutions, we aim to serve every residence with preventative solutions to provide protection well into the future. That’s why we survey your property to reveal the entry points that opossums and other pests can use and repair any holes, gaps, or cracks. For more information on The Critter Guys opossum removal and prevention services, call 561.805.1661 today.

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