The Critter Guys of Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point, Florida is a residential and commercial community that provides families and businesses an ideal place to live, work, and do business. While this suburb has all the good things that life has to offer, it has an abundance of Florida wildlife. Sometimes, the animals will invade Lighthouse Point in search of water, food, and shelter. If your Lighthouse Point home or business has been invaded by nuisance critters, contact our experts at The Critter Guys of Lighthouse Point to protect you and your family.

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8 Common Pests in Lighthouse Point

Many wild animals are attracted to homes and businesses because they can find food and warm shelter or breeding spots. However, when animals enter your home, they make nests in hard-to-reach areas, usually behind walls or in the attics. They could also cause destruction and contamination, especially if you do not resolve the problem.

Some of the common types of critters that invade homes and businesses in Lighthouse Point are:

  1. Raccoons
  2. Rats
  3. Opossums
  4. Mice
  5. Bats
  6. Armadillos
  7. Snakes
  8. Squirrels

Our experts will remove all types of critters from your crawlspace, attic, or anywhere else the animals might hide. We only use safe and minimally invasive critter removal methods. We also provide remediation and restoration services following animal removal to restore your property back to normal.

Critters Can Pose a Risk to You and Your Family

Although most animals are harmless when in their natural habitat, they can be hostile, especially if they feel threatened while inside your premises. They can pose a danger to you, your family, and your pets since they can bite or scratch. Critters could also cause extensive damage to your home when trying to escape or create shelter. In addition, wildlife can carry zoonotic diseases, which could be fatal to humans. For these reasons and more, you should not try to remove critters from your home; the job is best left to licensed experts who have the right equipment.

Our Critter Removal Services

The experts at The Critter Guys of Lighthouse Point understand how crucial it is to keep your property safe and clean. Therefore, we provide comprehensive pest and wildlife removal services for your home or business. Our critter removal services include:

  • Wildlife removal, exclusion, and thereafter restoration and remediation
  • Repairing damages caused by wildlife
  • Municipal bird and animal control
  • Dead animal removal

Our critter removal services are available for all residential, commercial, retail, and industrial properties.

Responsive Critter Removal Experts

raccoon removal

We understand that critters can wreak havoc in your home, robbing you of peace and comfort. Therefore, when you contact us, we will swing into action right away to remove the animals from your premises. All our technicians are responsive and friendly, making you feel comfortable throughout the critter removal process.

We Can Handle All Types of Critters

If your Lighthouse Point home or commercial property is experiencing any pest or critter problem, you should not wait until the infestation spans out of control. Contact our renowned experts at The Critter Guys of Lighthouse Point to address any critter issue.

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