Noises in the Attic?

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Not getting a good nights sleep because you keep hearing scratching noises or even the sounds of small animals running through your attic?

Its probably a good time to contact a professional! The likelihood that you have rats, mice, opossums or even a family of raccoons living up in your attic is pretty obvious by now.

Most people are horrified by the thought of having animals living in their attic, but its actually a very common thing…but that doesn’t mean its not a serious matter and needs to be dealt with sooner than later, rats and mice breed very quickly and chew on wires, exposing the wires and they can lead to house fires. They also leave lots of feces behind and urinate all over the attic, these can lead to very serious diseases, take a look at this link by the Center for Disease Control and you will see what I’m talking about.

This is why it’s so important to get a professional out as quick as possible to get on top of the issue. If it’s rats, mice raccoons or opossums they can all leave diseases behind, can do an extraordinary amount of damage do your insulation and ac duct work. 

A good Wildlife professional will inspect the attic and the exterior of the property and give you a detailed estimate on what needs to get the animals out, and then seal up where the critters are getting in and any potential areas that could be easily entered by the critters. Lastly they should discuss the clean up process, sometimes if you have got the problem sorted out early it may just be a easy spray of a disinfectant and treatment to kill any fleas or anything else the critters could be carrying, but sometimes there could be a need for a entire arctic restoration.

The most important think to do is to contact a professional right away, trying to solve the problem yourself will in most cases delay the eradication and cost you more in the long run! And make sure the professional is going to seal the property up, just setting a few traps is not going to solve the problem, its best to use a Licensed trapper or nuisance wildlife firm for animal related problems, your regular pest control company will probably not be equipped or have the knowledge to solve your problem.